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Jack Weston shortly before his death in 'Peter Gunn: The Kill'

Jack Weston (1924 - 1996)

a.k.a. Jack Western

Film Deaths:[]

  • Mirage (1965) [Lester]: Shot in the chest by George Kennedy as Gregory Peck holds him in a headlock/hostage.
  • Wait Until Dark (1967) [Carlino]: Deliberately run over repeatedly by Alan Arkin in a parking lot; the scene is staged to lead the viewer to believe that Jack is running over Alan, but the truth is revealed when Alan turns up alive later on. (Thanks to DeMan)
  • Gator (1976) [Irving Greenfield]: Shot to death by Jerry Reed in Lauren Hutton's beach house. (Thanks to Robert)

Television Deaths:[]

  • Peter Gunn: The Kill (1958) [Dave Green]: After being kidnapped and forced to call (at gun point) Gavin MacLeod demanding $50,000 or he would go to the police by Craig Stevens. Gavin sends his hitmen (Joe Bassett and Charles Maxwell) to his location. After Jack knocks Craig out with a whiskey bottle he runs outside to tell the hitmen it was a set up. Unable to keep them from their task Jack runs out of the frame as they gun him down.
  • Thriller: The Cheaters (1960) [Edward Dean]: Accidentally bludgeoned to death by Harry Townes (whom had only meant to knock Jack out) while Jack is attacking Ralph Clanton.
  • Thriller: Flowers of Evil (1962) [Maurice Reynard]: Poisoned to death by Luciana Paluzzi with poison given to her by Kevin Hagen because Jack had figured out that Kevin and Luciana had killed her first husband.
  • Tales of the Unexpected: A Dip in the Pool (1979) [William Botibol]: Drowns after he jumps overboard from the stern of the passenger liner in a bizarre attempt to win a bet but believing that his witness Gladys Spencer will sound the alarm and he will be rescued. Unfortunately he hasn't realised she is mental patient in the ship's hospital and doesn't do so. (Thanks to Brian)

Notable Connections[]

  • Ex-Husband of Marge Redmond
  • Brother of Anthony Spinelli (actor and adult film director/producer)
  • Uncle of Mitch Spinelli (adult film director/producer)