Jack Wallace in Cold Case: Yo, Adrian

Jack Wallace

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Cold Case: Yo, Adrian (2005) [Sonny Carroll]: Dies of old age/natural causes in a hospital, after making a deathbed confession of having been bribed not to stop the boxing match in which Mark Lawson died (but before he can tell them that it was Mark himself who had bribed him). His younger self (Mik Scriba) later appears as a ghost/figment of his imagination to his daughter (Elaine Kagan). who flashes back to her younger self who flashes back his younger self (Danielle Harris), at the end of the episode.
  • Heroes: Once Upon a Time in Texas (2009) [Arnold]: Dies from the strain of using his time travel abilities.
  • The Mindy Project: Confessions of a Catho-holic (2015) [Father Francis]: Dies of a heart attack/shock from hearing Chris Messina confess to his numerous sexual acts. (Played for comic effect).
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