Jack Taylor in 'Female Vampire'

Jack Taylor (1936 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Nightmares Come at Night (Les Cauchemars naissent la nuit) (1970) [Cynthia's Lover]: Strangled by Colette Giacobine.
  • Female Vampire (Les Avaleuses; La Comtesse noire; Erotikill; The Loves of Irina; several more alternate titles) (1973) [Baron Von Rathony]: Dies differently in the different cuts of this film: In Female Vampire, his life-force is drained by Lina Romay during fellatio. In the less explicit Erotikill, he is bitten on the throat and drained of blood by Lina. (Nudity alert: Rear)
  • Edge of the Axe (Al filo del hacha(1988) [Christopher Caplin]: Hacked to death with an axe off-screen by Christina Marie Lane.  His body is later discovered. 
  • The Ninth Gate (1999) [Victor Fargas]: Drowned (off-screen) in a fountain by Frank Langella; his body is shown afterwards when Johnny Depp discovers him.
  • Grand Piano (2013) [Patrick Godureaux]: Dies (off-screen) of old age/natural causes, several months before the story begins; he only appears in photographs on display in the concert hall where his memorial/tribute performance is being held.

TV Deaths:Edit

None known

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