Jack Reacher (2012)

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Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Jack reacher


A homicide investigator digs deeper into a case involving a trained military sniper who shot five random victims. When their murder suspect James Barr (Joseph Sikora) demands they reach out to a former Military Police Corps turned private eye and drifter known as Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) Barr's defense attorney, counselor Helen Rodin (Rosamund Pike) reaches out to him so he can help save Barr from execution. Jack setting out to prove his innocence discover the shooting spree was not as random as first appeared when he looks into victim's backgrounds.


  • Based on Lee Child's 2005 novel One Shot
  • Attempts to adapt author Lee Child's Jack Reacher novel series into a film have been made ever since the character debuted in 1997's Killing Floor
  • Received criticism for casting Cruise due to the actor's height not matching the description of Reacher in the novels. Explaining the casting decision, author Lee Child said that it would be impossible to find a suitable actor to play the giant Reacher and to recreate the feel of the book onscreen, and that Cruise had the talent to make an effective Reacher. Child also said, "Reacher's size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way." Of Cruise's relatively small stature, Child said, "With another actor you might get 100% of the height but only 90% of Reacher. With Tom, you'll get 100% of Reacher with 90% of the height."[

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