Jack Palance in Tango & Cash

Jack Palance (1919 - 2006)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Panic in the Streets (1950) [Blackie]: Falls to his death from a ship's docking rope when he tries to climb the rope to escape from police.
  • Sudden Fear (1952) [Lester Blaine]: Killed in a car crash when he runs down Gloria Grahame (mistaking her for Joan Crawford); we see him start to swerve when he recognizes Gloria at the last second, then hear the impact from off-camera. The wrecked car is shown afterwards, though the bodies are not seen.
  • Second Chance (1953) [Cappy Gordon]: Falls thousands of feet to his death whenRobert Mitchum punches him off the rescue car next to the stranded cable car. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Arrowhead (1953) [Toriano]: Neck snapped by Charlton Heston at the end of their one-on-one fight, as the rest of the Apaches and cavalryment stand by and watch.
  • Sign of the Pagan (1954) [Attila]: Stabbed in the chest by Allison Hayes while Jack is fighting Jeff Chandler. (Thanks to Harry)
  • The Silver Chalice (1954) [Simon the Magician]: Jumps to his death from a tower, believing that he can fly.
  • The Big Knife (1955) [Charlie Castle]: Commits suicide (off-camera) by drowning himself in the bathtub.
  • I Died a Thousand Times (1955) [Roy 'Mad Dog' Earle]: Shot to death by a police sniper when he makes a desperate escape into the sierra mountains.
  • Attack (1956) [Lt. Joe Costa]: Run over by a tank; he dies after managing to drag himself back to the cellar. (Thanks to Zoran)
  • The Lonely Man (1957) [Jacob Wade]: Shot in the chest by Neville Brand from the balcony across the street as he protects his unarmed son Anthony Perkins. He dies a couple of minutes later after killing Neville. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Mongols (I Mongoli) (1961) [Ogatai]: Commits suicide by stabbing himself, after his army is defeated. (Thanks to Robert)
  • Contempt (Le Mepris) (1963) [Jeremy Prokosch]: Killed in a car crash (off-screen), along with Brigitte Bardot; their bodies are shown in the wreckage afterwards.
  • Once a Thief (1965) [Walter Pedak]: Shot to death by John Davis Chandler (offscreen); his body is later seen when Alain Delon discovers him.
  • A Professional Gun (Il Mercenario; The Mercenary; Revenge of a Gunfighter) (1968) [Curly]: Shot to death in a shoot-out with Tony Musante in a bullring. (Thanks to Patrick)
  • The Desperados (1969) [Parson Josiah Galt]: Fatally shot by Kate O'Mara, when his son Vince Edwards finds him and fails to shoot him he runs at Vince, grabs him and takes both of them over the cliff edge to their deaths. (Thanks to Patrick)
  • Companeros (Vamos a matar, companeros!) (1970) [John]: Killed in an explosion when Tomas Milian throws a small statue at the detonator, setting off the dynamite; we see Jack's prosthetic hand land in the street after the explosion.
  • The McMasters (1970) [Kolby]: Shot to death (offscreen) by David Carradine; we only hear the shots.
  • Monte Walsh (1970) [Chet]: Shot in the chest by Mitch Ryan while he attempted to rob him.
  • Craze (Demon Master; The Infernal Idol) (1974) [Neal Mottram]: Commits suicide by impaling himself on the idol, after being shot by police. (Thanks to Eric)
  • The Great Adventure (1975) [William Bates]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with Manuel de Blas in the Saloon.
  • God's Gun (Diamante Lobo; A Bullet from God) (1976) [Sam Clayton]: Shot in the chest by Lee Van Cleef in a graveyard, when Jack reaches into a money-bag for a hidden gun.
  • Rulers of the City (Mister Scarface) (I Padroni della citta; The Big Boss; Blood and Bullets) (1976) [Mr. 'Scarface' Manzari]: Shot repeatedly by Al Cliver. (Thanks to Andrea
  • Angels Revenge (Angels' Brigade; Seven from Heaven) (1979) [Farrell]: Presumably mauled to death by one of Peter Lawford's dogs after Susan Kiger Robin Greer handcuff him and lock him outside a gate at Lawford's compound. (It's unknown if he actually dies or not, or was just wounded, and the movie ends without confirmation if he was killed). 
  • Batman (1989) [Boss Carl Grissom]: Shot repeatedly in the chest by Jack Nicholson in the penthouse, causing him to fall back into his chair, with Joker then shooting his body until he runs out of bullets.
  • Outlaw of Gor (Gor II: The Outlaw) (1989) [Xenos]: Stabbed in the side by Donna Denton, after Jack dedicates a toast in the gladiatorial arena.
  • Tango & Cash (1989) [Yves Perret]: Shot in the head by Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone, while he's hiding behind a two way mirror holding Stallone's sister (Teri Hatcher) hostage, he then falls through several sheets of glass (with his body later seen as his building explodes). (Thanks to Robert and F.)
  • City Slickers (1991) [Curly Washburn]: Dies of a heart attack (off-screen) while sitting on some rocks; his body is shown afterwards when Billy Crystal comes to talk to him before discovering that he's dead.
  • Cyborg 2 (1993) [Mercy]: Sacrifices himself by blowing the bomb up, in order to kill everyone else on the base.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1968 TV) [Dr. Henry Jekyll/Mr. Edward Hyde]: Shot to death by Denholm Elliott. (Thanks to Anton)
  • Dracula (1974 TV) [Count Dracula]: Staked through the heart by Nigel Davenport and Simon Ward.
  • Ebenezer (1998 TV) [Ebenezer Scrooge]:

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