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Jack Betts in Falling Down

Jack Betts (1929 - )

a.k.a. Hunt Powers (at times early in his career)

Film Deaths[]

  • Falling Down (1993) [Frank the Golfer]: Dies of a fear-induced heart attack caused by Michael Douglas shooting Jack's golf cart with a shotgun.
  • Gods and Monsters (1998) [Boris Karloff]: Dies (off-screen) of emphysema, several years after the movie ends.
  • Spider-Man (2002) [Henry Balkan]: Disintegrated (along with Gerry Becker and the rest of his co-workers) by Willem Dafoe with a pumpkin bomb.
  • D-Railed (2018) [Conductor]: Killed in a train crash prior to the events of the film (off-screen); his death is revealed when Lance Henriksen informs Giovannie Espiritu and Dwayne Standridge. He appears in a version of the train crash experienced by Carter Scott's ghost.

Television Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]

Direct-descendant of Millard Fillmore (13th President of the United States)