Ivana Baquero (1994 - )


Ivana Baquero in El Laberinto del Fauno

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Pan's Labyrinth (2006) [Ofelia]: Shot in the stomach by Sergi Lopez and left to bleed out in the Labyrinth; she dies some time later as Maribel Verdu tries to comfort her in her final moments. Ivana is then seen being welcomed into a magical afterlife by Federico Luppi , Ariadna Gil  and Doug Jones  (Note: as with all the magical elements of the film, whether this scene is real or imagined is left open to interpretation).
  • The New Daughter (2009) [Louisa James]: Having already begun to transform into one of the monsters, Ivana is killed in an explosion when Kevin Costner throws a flare into a gasoline barrel to destroy the mound.
  • The Red Virgin (2011) (short) Hildegart Rodriguez shot in the face by her mother (Aurora Rodriguez).
  • Feedback (2019) [Claire]: Stabbed in the throat with a scissor by Eddie Marsan.

Television DeathsEdit

  • The Shannara Chronicles: Safehold (2016) [Eretria]: Bleeds to death when she deliberately impales her hand on an inchanted sculpture that required her blood to open the sacred fire for Poppy Drayton to pass through to find the Spirit of the Ellcrys.
  • The Shannara Chronicles: Ellcrys (2016) [Eretria]: Appears dead at the beginning of the episode but is brought back to life by Austin Butler using the magic of his Elfstones.


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