Isao Natsuyagi in the Wolves

Isao Natsuyagi (1939 - 2013)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Diaries of the Kamikaze (Aa doki no sakura) (1967) [Second Sublieutenant Nanjô] Dies when his plane explodes before take off. 
  • Eleven Samurai (Ju-ichinin no samurai) (1967) [Hayato]: Dies in in the film's climatic sword duel. He is able to kill his opponent (Ryûtarô Ôtomo) before dying.
  • Goyokin (1969) [Kunai]: Mortally wounded in a sword duel with Tatsuya Nakadai. He doesn't die until the next morning having crawled to see the conspiracy he was part of fail as he collapses onto the snow dead.
  • The Wolves (Shussho Iwai) (1971) [Tetsunosuke Sakaki]: Stabbed to death by the shoreline of a beach by Tatsuya Nakadai who had been chasing him for betraying his former friends. 
  • Under the Flag of the Rising Sun (Gunki hatameku motoni) (1972) [Solider]: Dies with his fellow solidiers including Tetsuro Tanba when they are executed by being shot in the back of the head by other Japanese soldiers for killing their superior.
  • Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (Joshuu 701-gô: Sasori) (1972) [Tsugio Sugimi]: Stabbed multiple times by Meiko Kaji on the roof of a building.
  • Slaughter in the Snow (Mushukunin mikogami no jôkichi: Tasogare ni senko ga tonda) (1973) [Honorable Yakuza]: Stabbed multiple times by other Yakuza members in the snow. He dies while talking to Yoshio Harada.
  • Violent Streets (Bôryoku gai) (1974)  [Hama]: Stabbed to death by the yakuza assassin in a chicken coop.
  • Karate Warriors (Kozure satsujin ken) (1976) [Yakuza]: Stabbed in the chest with a sword by Sonny Chiba.
  • The Yakuza Code Still Lives (Hiroshima jingi: Hitojichi dakkai sakusen) (1976) [Takemori] Dies from a shotgun wound to the leg inflicted by Hiroki Matsukata after talking to Akira Kobayashi in a phone booth.
  • Village of Eight Gravestones (Yatsuhaka-mura) (1977) [Yoshitaka Amako] Decapitated by villagers. He later returns as a ghost. 
  • The Shogun's Samurai (Yagyû ichizoku no inbô) (1978) [Shozaemon Bekki (Tadanaga's Retainer)]: Shot to death with a musket while charging on a horse the forces that surrounded his lord's castle. 
  • Samurai VS Bandit Squadron (Kumokiri Nizaemon) (1978) [Kumagoro]: Dies when the small boat he is on explodes as Tatsuya Nakadai looks on in shock. 
  • Never Give Up (Yasei no shômei) (1978) [Detective Kitano]: Dies when he rams the truck he had stolen into a tank, causing them all to explode in order to give Ken Takakura a chance to escape.
  • Hunter in the Dark  (Yami no karyudo) (1979) [Sharaku]: Stabbed in the chest with a short blade in a duel with Tatsuya Nakadai.
  • Virus (Day of Resurrection) (Fukkatsu no hi) (1980) [Cmdr. Nakanishi]: Dies when the polar base he is on is hit with a nuclear missle.
  • Onimasa: The Japanese Godfather (Kiryûin Hanako no shôgai) (1982) [Kanematsu]: Stabbed in the chest by rival yakuza as he is laying on the floor after already being mortally wounded by a failed attack.
  • Fireflies in the North (Kita no hotaru) (1984) [Kakuma]: Stabbed in the stomach by Tatsuya Nakadai after losing his sanity when charged with executing the prisoners.
  • My Way (Mai wei) (2011) [Tatsuo's Grandfather]: Dies when he opens a box full of explosives that had been disguised as present.
  • The Land of Hope (Kibô no kuni) (2012) [Yasuhiko ono]: Sets himself (and his wife) on fire as the pair embrace.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Lone Wolf and Cub: Season 1 (1973) [Assassin]: Dies after being dragged by a roll of logs off a cliff as he was planning on dropping them on Kinnosuke Nakamura, but changed his mind after the fact.
  • The Tokugawa Regime (Aoi tokugawa sandai) (2000) [Sakon]: Shot numerous times with muskets while on top of his horse.
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