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Isabel Luque 06

Isabel Luque in Pieces

Isabel Luque (19?? - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Death Haunts Monica (La muerte ronda a Mónica) (1976) [Trini]: Killed off-screen by Arturo Fernández. She is later found by Nadiuska while hanging from a ceiling next to Karin Schubert.
  • Inquisition (Inquisicion) (1977) [Wife]: Burned at the stake off-screen..
  • Pieces (Mil gritos tiene la nocha; A Thousand Cries Has the Night) (1982) [Sylvia Costa]: Stabbed repeatedly in the chest region by Edmund Purdom while on a waterbed.  We see the final cut impale her through the back of the head so that the blade comes out of her mouth.  Edmund then drags her body off by the ankles.