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Intruder (1989)

Director: Scott Spiegel



The overnight stock crew of a local supermarket that is foreclosing find themselves being stalked and slashed by a embittered fired employee now a mysterious maniac going postal on them one by one.


  1. The entire movie was shot using short ends.
  2. It was also something of a remake of an earlier Super-8 short film by Spiegel. The short was a slasher story called Night Crew, and featured a more Halloween-inspired killer
  3. The film was originally entitled The Night Crew, but distributors felt that the film would be more marketable if it was given a more generic slasher film title; thus it was released as Intruder.
  4. Despite receiving top billing on the DVD releases of this film, cult hero Bruce Campbell only makes a brief appearance in the film as a policeman at the end.
  5. Also titled Night of the Intruder

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