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Indira Varma in Basic Instinct 2

Indira Varma (1973 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Jinnah (1998) [Ruttie Jinnah]: Dies from cancer.
  • Basic Instinct 2 (2006) [Denise Glass]: Throat slit (off-screen) in a nightclub restroom. She is shown afterwards when David Morrissey discovers her, and she dies (off-screen) in the hospital shortly afterwards. (The movie initially indicates that the killer was Sharon Stone, but later confirms it was David.) (Thanks to Eric)

TV Deaths[]

  • Rome: Kalends of February (2005) [Niobe]: Commits suicide by jumping to her death. Her body is shown again afterwards in the next season's opening episode Passover (2007). (Thanks to Sheena and Stephen)
  • Torchwood: Everything Changes (2006) [Suzie Costello]: Commits suicide by shooting herself in the head; her body is shown again later on in the morgue. (Thanks to The Young Doctor)
  • Torchwood: They Keep Killing Suzie (2006) [Suzie Costello]: After being brought back to life by the "Risen Mitten," she is finally shot repeatedly by John Barrowman after the glove is destroyed (ending Indira's immortality). (Thanks to Sheena)
  • Luther: Episode #1.6 (2010) [Zoe Luther]: Shot in the chest at close range by Steven MacIntosh. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Carnival Row: The Gloaming (2019) [Piety Breakspear]: Stabbed in the back of the head and through the mouth with a pair of shears by Cara Delevingne.

Video Game Deaths[]

  • Mass Effect: Andromeda (2017) [Sloane Kelly/Moshae Sjefa]: Playing dual roles, "Sloane" dies from a fatal gunshot to the chest by Nicholas Boulton’s sniper if Fryda Wolff/Tom Taylorson doesn’t intervene. Otherwise, "Sloane" can live in the game. "Moshae" survives the game.