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Ian Holm's robotic head in Alien

Ian Holm (1931 - 2020)

"I can't lie about your chances, but... you have my sympathies."

Film Deaths:[]

TV Deaths:[]

  • The Lost Boys (1978 TV series) [J. M. Barrie]: Died of pneumonia.
  • Holocaust (1978 miniseries) [Heinrich Himmler]: Commits suicide by cyanide poisoning.
  • All Quiet on the Western Front (1979 TV) [Himmelstoss]: Presumably shot to death by French troops on the battlefield. (I haven't seen this version, but I have seen John Wray's death in the 1930 version.)
  • Inside the Third Reich (1982 TV) [Dr. Joseph Goebbels]: Shot to death (along with Elke Sommer) by a German soldier, on Ian's own orders. (I haven't seen this, but its timeframe does cover the postwar period after Goebbels' death.) (Thanks to PortsGuy)
  • King Lear (1998 TV) [Lear]: Dies of old age, compounded by heartbreak over the death of his daughter (Victoria Hamilton). (I haven't seen this version, but I'm familiar with the story.)


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