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Hugh Quarshie in Nightbreed

Hugh Quarshie (1954 - )

Film Deaths:Edit

  • The Dogs of War (1980) [Zangaron Officer]: Presumably killed in a fight/shootout with Christopher Walken’s mercenaries (it's unclear if he died or not so I thought I'd list this just in case).
  • La chiesa (The Church) (1989) [Father Gus]: Crushed to death when he sacrifices himself by causing the church to collapse to stop the demons and the possessed churchgoers/tourists from escaping (I haven’t seen all of this but I have seen his death online plus it’s established only Asia Argento escapes)
  • The Church (La Chiesa) (1989) [Father Gus]: Dies after the church collapses on him. 
  • Nightbreed (1990) [Dectective Joyce]: Stabbed and then has his throat slit with a swipe by David Cronenberg (after he discovers David's mask and blades in the trunk of his car).

TV Deaths:Edit

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