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Hudson Leick (1969 - )  

Hudson Hallowed Ground 2

Hudson Leick (dead) in Hallowed Ground

Film Deaths:[]

  • The Last Hand (After the Game) (1997) [Grace]: Shot to death through the bathroom door; we only see the blood coming out from under the door. She appears as a ghost riding off in a car at the end of the movie. (Thanks to Laren)
  • Chill Factor (1999) [Vaughn]: Killed in an explosion (along with Peter Firth) when the experimental weapon goes off inside an underground tunnel. We don't see Hudson after Skeet Ulrich knocks her unconscious several scenes earlier, but she's still in the tunnel when the explosion occurs.
  • Cold Heart (2001) [Julia]: Strangled (off-screen) by Jeff Fahey outside a cabin in the woods. Her body is shown afterwards when Josh Holloway discovers her lying on top of a woodpile.
  • Shockwave (A.I. Assault) (2006) [Tiffany Smith]: Disintegrated by an out-of-control military robot. (Thanks to Laren)
  • Hallowed Ground (2007) [Sarah]: Disemboweled by a scarecrow off screen (as well as having her lips torn off); her body is shown afterwards crucified on the scarecrow post. (Thanks to Laren)
  • Paris Connection (2010) (Coco De Ville) Garroted.

TV Deaths:[]

  • Xena, Warrior Princess: The Return of Callisto (1996) [Callisto]: Drowns in quicksand after a battle with Lucy Lawless. (Note: The character returned by escaping from the Underworld in the later episode Intimate Strangers; still, this does constitute a "real" death scene and not merely an "apparent" death.)
  • Xena, Warrior Princess: Sacrifice, Part II (1998) [Callisto]: Stabbed in the stomach by Lucy Lawless with an enchanted dagger (the only weapon capable of killing her). (Note: Although this is Callisto's second death, she returned once again as a spirit in Ides of March, was redeemed into an angel in Fallen Angel, and finally was reincarnated when her spirit entered Xena's unborn child in Seeds of Faith.)
  • Tru Calling: Pilot (2003) [Rebecca Morgan]: Commits suicide by shooting herself; her death is later undone when Eliza Dushku relives the day and changes it. (Thanks to Laren)