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Howl (2015)



  1. Sean Pertwee (who has only two and a half minutes of actual screen time) also starred in the movie Dog Soldiers, which also was about werewolves. Sean Pertwee when in Dog Soldiers, had his guts ripped out by a werewolf. He was also in Doomsday where his character was strung up and fed to marauders, guts first. In this movie, a werewolf rips his guts out.
  2. Sean Pertwee and Rosie Day starred together in The Seasoning House also directed by Paul Hyett who also worked on The Descent with Shauna Macdonald.
  3. Rosie Day did her own stunts.
  4. The werewolves in this film had more of a human appearance rather than that of a wolf.
  5. The werewolves were played by people in prosthetic suits with the exception of the legs, which were done as CGI in post-production.
  6. Ed Speleers starred in another werewolf film, Love Bite (2012), as in this film he ends up being turned into a werewolf.

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