Honor Blackman in 'To the Devil, a Daughter'

Honor Blackman (1925 - 2020)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Shalako (1968) [Lady Baggett]: Choked to death when an Apache shoves her jewelry down her throat in the desert.
  • The Last Grenade (1970) [Katherine Whiteley]: Killed in an explosion when Alex Cord fires a missile at her car. (Thanks to Gordon)
  • The Cat and the Canary (1978/9) [Susan Sillsby]: Stabbed or slashed to death (off-screen) by Peter McEnery. We only see him drag her screaming behind a screen; neither the murder nor her body is actually shown.

Television Deaths:Edit

  • African Patrol (exact episode title unknown; either The Sickness or Witness to Murder) (1958 or 1959) [character name unavailable]: Strangled with a stocking. (Thanks to Garrett and PortsGuy)
  • The Avengers: Brief for Murder (1963) [Cathy Gale]: 'Shot' by Patrick Macnee in a faked murder. (Of course, she survived the episode and the rest of her run on the series, but since it's been suggested...) (Thanks to PortsGuy)

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