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Hiroshi Abe in The Man Behind the Scissors

Hiroshi Abe (1964 - )

Film Deaths

  • Yamato Takeru (1994) [Tsukuyomi / Orochi] Destroyed in an explosion by Utsuno Ikusagami (Masahiro Takashima)
  • Moon Over Tao: Makaraga (Tao no tsuki) (1997) [Hayate] Dies of his wounds after fighting the demon lord.
  • Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999) [Mitsuo Katagiri]: Killed by Godzilla.
  • Tetsujin 28 (Tetsujin niju-hachigo) (2005) [The Doctor]: Beaten to death by Teruyuki Kagawa men off-screen.
  • The Man Behind the Scissors (Hasami otoko) (2005) [Horinouchi]: Commits suicide by shooting himself in the mouth.
  • Isoroku Yamamoto, the Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet (Rengô kantai shirei chôkan: Yamamoto Isoroku) (2011) [Tamon Yamaguchi]: Drowns (off-screen) during the sinking of the Hiryū. We last see him alive saying goodbye to the officers and crewmembers of the Hiryū before they leave the stricken ship.
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