Hiroki Matsukata in Battles Without Honor and Humanity

Hiroki Matsukata (1942 - 2017)

Film Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • Chirvalrous Story of Japan (Nihon kyokaku-den) (1964) [Gun Tiger]: Stabbed to death by rival gangsters. 
  • Shingo's Final Duel (Shingo Bangai Shobu) (1964) [Samurai]: Sliced with a sword by Ryôhei Uchida.
  • Brutal Tales of Chivlary (Showa zankyo-den) (1965) [Masa]: Shot in the chest by Michitarô Mizushima when he takes a bullet meant for Ken Takakura.
  • Three Yakuza (Matatabi san ning yakuza) (1965) [Dani-no-Genta] Dies in an avalanche while fighting other yakuza. 
  • Diaries of the Kamikaze (Aa doki no sakura) (1967) [Second Sublieutenant Shiratori] Dies when he crashes his plane onto a ship.
  • Blackmail is My Life (Blackmail is My Business) (Kyôkatsu koso waga jinsei) (1968) [Muraki]: Stabbed in the stomach by a hitman hired by Tetsuro Tanba in the middle of a public walkway.
  • Lady Gambler (Showa onna bakuto) (1972) [Tatsumi] Stabbed to death by rival gangsters. 
  • The Pledge (Bakuchi-uchi Gaiden) (1972) [Taki]: Sliced with a sword by Kôji Tsuruta.
  • Red Peony Gambler 8: Execution of Duty (Hibotan bakuto: Jinji tooshimasu) (1972) [Gangster] Dies after being too close to an exploding dynamite. 
  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity The Yakuza Papers (Jingi naki tatakai) (1973) [Tetsuya Sakai]: Shot to death by assassins while he is shoping to buy a toy for his son.
  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity The Yakuza Papers: Police Tactics (Jingi naki tatakai: Chojo sakusen) (1974) [Shoichi Fujita]: Shot point blank in the chest by a friend, killing him instantly. (his character was also terminaly ill and dying of cancer already)
  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity The Yakuza Papers: Final Episode (Jinji naki tatakai: Kankestu-hen) (1974) [Terukichi Ichioka]: After being intially being shot once before by a hitman, he is shot multiple more times after chasing his attacker, intent on killing him, only to ultimately get gunned down.
  • Cops VS Thugs (Kenkei tai soshiki boryoku) (1975) [Kenji Hirotani]: Shot to death by Bunta Sugawara.
  • The Yakuza Code Still Lives (Hiroshima jingi: Hitojichi dakkai sakusen) (1976) [Jinno Hiroshi] Shot to death by Isao Natsuyagi and his men but not before mortally wounding Natsuyagi in the leg.
  • Doberman Cop (Detective Doberman; Doberuman deka) (1977) [Kaiji]: Shot to death by Sonny Chiba.
  • The Shogun's Samurai (Yagyû ichizoku no inbô) (1978) [Iemitsu Tokugawa (Older Prince)]: Decapitated by Sonny Chiba off-screen. His head is later seen when Sonny throws it at Kinnosuke Nakamura who then proceeds to hug the head.
  • Never Give Up '(Yasei no shômei)' (1978) [Yoriko Nagai]: Dies when Ken Takakura shoots at the helicopter he is in causing it to crash into a mountain and blow up.
  • The Shogun Assassins (Sanada Yukimura no bouryaku) (1979) [Sanada Yukimura]: Shot to death right after killing Kinnosuke Nakamura.
  • The Shogun's Shadow (Shôgun Iemitsu no ranshin - Gekitotsu) (1989) [Abe Shigetsugu]: While he is still alive at the end of the film, the film ends with him preparing to cut open his stomach via seppeku.
  • The Great Shogunate Battle (Edo-jo tairan) (1991) [Official] Commits suicide by committing hara-kiri.
  • The Last Supper (Saigo no bansan) (2005) [Detective]: Beaten to death with a human head by Masaya Kato.
  • Genghis Khan: To the Ends of the Earth and Sea (Aoki Ôkami: chi hate umi tsukiru made) (2007) [Toyril Khan]: Stabbed in the back by one of his own men.
  • Tajomaru (2009) [Nobutsuna Hatakeyama]: Stabbed to death by Shun Oguri.
  • 13 Assassins (Jûsan-nin no shikaku) (2010) [Saheita Kuranaga]: Dies after collapsing due to all of his stab wounds. His body is shown in a montage of all the dead assassins.

TV Deaths[edit | edit source]

  • GI Samurai: The TV Series (Senjoku jieitai sekigahara no tatakai) (2006) [Samurai] Sliced to death with a sword. 

Connections[edit | edit source]

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