Hilary Jardine (1983 - )

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Hollow (2015) [Nicole]: Suddenly grabbed and dragged off-camera by a tree monster, which then kills her in an unknown manner. Neither her actual death nor her body is shown; we only hear her screaming as the monster kills her.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Hannibal: Buffet Froid (2013) [Beth LeBeau]: Drowns in her own blood after having her mouth brutally sliced open by Ellen Muth, later revealed to be a delusional attempt to remove what the killer had percieved as a mask (due to Ellen suffering from severe Cotard's Syndrome and being unable to recognize faces). While trying to solve the murder, Hugh Dancy experiences several visions of both Hilary's murder and her dead body in various poses, sometimes imagining himself as the killer.
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