Henry Corden being killed in Wagon Train-The Alexander Portlass Story

Henry Corden being killed in Wagon Train: The Alexander Portlass Story

Henry Corden (1920 - 2005)

Prolific voice artist (most notably the second voice of Fred Flintstone)

Film Deaths: Edit

None known

TV Deaths: Edit

  • Wagon Train: The Alexander Portlass Story (1960) [Phelan]: Shot to death with an arrow by Robert Horton during a shoot out where Henry's gang had Robert and Peter Lorre trapped in a cave full of Aztec treasure.
  • Jonny Quest: Treasure of the Temple (1964; animated) [Montonya]: Devoured by crocodiles offsreen along with Perkins (voiced by Everett Sloane) and the natives.
  • Jonny Quest: Skulls and Double crossbones (1964; animated) [Chief/Francisco]: Possibility both killed in an explosion on their boat along with Jose and Manuel (both voiced by Doug Young) fired from superintendent Owens' (also voiced by Doug Young) boat.
  • Jonny Quest: Dragons of Ashida (1964; animated) [Dr. Ashida/Sumi/Native/Himoki]: "Dr. Ashida is thrown into a pen by Sumi (also voiced by Henry) and gets devoured by his own dragons (offscreen). Sumi, the Native and Himoki all survive!
  • Jonny Quest: Pirates from Below (1964; animated) [Vanya/Commander Valmar/Guard 1/Scuba Diver]: Both Commander Valmar and Scuba Diver are killed by a mine placed on their boat along with some of the crew. Vanya and Guard 1's fates are unknown!
  • Jonny Quest: The Devil's Tower (1965; animated) [Heinrich Von Duffel a.k.a Klaus]: Killed in an exploded plane crash, when he recklessly threw a grenade on the wing of the biplane he stole.
  • Jonny Quest: The Quetong Missile Mystery (1965; animated) [General Fong/Panel Truck Driver/Sentry Post 3]: "General Fong" is killed by a mine explosion activated by Sentry Post 1(voiced by Mike Road), after shooting him for letting Jonny Quest (voiced by Tim Matheson), Hadji (voiced by Danny Bravo), Dr. Quest, Bandit (both voiced by Don Messick), and Race Bannon (also voiced by Mike Road) escaped. Sentry Post 3 and Panel truck Driver both survived.
  • Jonny Quest: The House of Seven Gargoyles (1965; animated) [Ivar/Submarine crewman/Gunnar/Submarine Navigator]: Ivar along with Submarine Crewman and Navigator(also voiced by Henry) were killed by fallen ice and sunk their sub and boat. (Gunnar Lives)
  • Jonny Quest: Monster in the Monastery (1965; animated) [Yeti #1/Ming Ho/Yeti Victim]: "Yeti Victim" is thrown off the mountain by a Yeti. "Yeti #1" is killed by the real Yeti. (Ming Ho Lives)
  • Jonny Quest: The Sea Haunt (1965; animated) [Ship's Captain/Batavian Officer]: "Ship's Captain" is killed by the Sea Monster (offscreen). (The Batavian Officer lives.)


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