Hema Malini stabbed in Qaidi

Hema Malini (1948 - )

a.k.a Hema Malini Chakravarti

Movie DeathsEdit

  • Dharmatma (1975) [Reshma]: Injured when she turns on her jeep which was rigged by Ranjeet . She shortly dies after talking to Feroz Khan.
  • Aas Paas (1981) [Seema]: Drowns after jumping into a waterfall. Her body is used as bait by Dharmendra to expose the villain (Prem Chopra). She is later cremated.
  • Kudrat (Nature) (1981) [Chandramukhi/Paro]: In an older timeline, Paro is inadvertantly asphyxiated by Raaj Kumar as he tries to stop her from crying for help. Chandramukhi survives the movie.
  • Razia Sultan (1983) [Razia Bano]: Impaled through her back alongwith Dharmendra by a spear thrown by Vijayendra Ghatge  as they try to flee on horseback.
  • Sharara (Lightning) (1984): Shot in her chest and stomach by Shakti Kapoor as she runs on the tarmac to rescue Shatrughan Sinha .
  • Qaidi (The Prisoner) (1984) [Dr. Sunita]: Stabbed by goons. She dies later in Jeetendra's arms as he is surrounded by the Police.
  • Yudh (War) (1985) [Nafisa Khatun]: Shot multiple times in her belly as she tries to reach the police station. She dies in Jackie Shroff's arms.
  • Ramkali (1985) [Raksha Chauhan/Ramkali Chauhan]: Playing a double role, Raksha is shot in the belly by Kader Khan as she shields Shatrughan Sinha. She dies in Suresh Oberoi's arms after a little while. Ramkali survives the movie.
  • Sachche Ka Bol-Bala (1989) [Greta Saunders a.k.a Geeta]: Shot in the chest by a robber as she tries to defend herself, while Jackie Shroff looks on in shock.
  • Paap Ka Ant (1989) [Jyoti]: Stabbed in her belly with a sword by Ranjeet while she shields Madhuri Dixit.
  • Shadyantra (Conspiracy) (1990): Shot in her heart through her left breast. She clutches her wound and fights off the goons and calls the police and dies after the police arrive at the scene.

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