Hayden Panettiere in Heroes Five Years Gone

Hayden Panettiere in Heroes: Five Years Gone

Hayden Panettiere (1989 - )

Film DeathsEdit

Television DeathsEdit

  • Heroes: One Giant Leap (2006) [Claire Bennet]: Is temporarily dead when her head is impaled on a fallen branch during a struggle with Matt Lanter; she comes back to life after the branch is removed in the morgue. (Due to her healing powers, it's debatable whether this can be considered a death scene, but I'm listing it just in case.) (Thanks to Herogeorge)
  • Heroes: Five Years Gone (2007) [Claire Bennet]: In an alternate future timeline, her head is sliced open by Zachary Quinto's telekinetic powers, as he reveals his true identity and drops his illusory disguise as Adrian Pasdar. (Despite her powers, this method is permanently fatal to her; however, this timeline is prevented from coming about.)
  • Heroes: The Butterfly Effect (2008) [Claire Bennet]: Decapitated in a dream sequence (off-camera). Her attacker is then shown dragging her body away by the ankle before the camera zooms in on her severed head. (She survives the episode in reality)
  • Heroes: The Eclipse II (2008)]] [Claire Bennet]: Dies clinically at the hospital due to complications a of gunshot wound which was inflicted on her by Kristen Bell in the previous episode. She comes back to life after the eclipse ended and her regeneration power came back.
  • Heroes: Brother's Keeper (2009) [Claire Bennet]: Accidentally frozen by Ali Larter. Tracy (Larter) tries to carry the Frozen Claire (Panettiere) to a hot bath tub to defrost her but one her feet breaks off. Later Claire's Rapid Cellular Regeneration kicks in and she thaws herself out.

Video Game DeathsEdit

  • Until Dawn (2015) [Sam]: Depending on the player's actions, Hayden can be impaled on Ella Lentini's claws while being chased by Ella. (She survives in the game's other endings.)


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