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Harry Hamlin in Harper's Island: Whap.

Harry Hamlin (1951 - )

Film Death:[]

TV Deaths:[]

  • In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness (1994) [Fritz Klenner]: Dies in a truck explosion along with Kelly McGillis and her two kids during a police chase.
  • Veronica Mars: Not Pictured (2006) [Aaron Echols]: Shot in the head by Christopher B. Duncan, acting on Teddy Dunn's orders; we only see the bleed splashing onto Harry's TV srceen as the shot is fired.
  • Harper's Island: Whap (2009) [Marty Dunn]: Hacked to death and bisected at the waist by Callum Keith Rennie after Harry falls halfway through the bridge; after the murder. the camera moves around the bridge to reveal that lower half of Harry's body is missing
  • Shooter: Backroads (2018) [Addison Hayes]: Dies from a heart attack after his drink was spiked.

Video Game Death:[]

  • God of War II (2007) [Perseus]: Impaled on a hook after Terrence 'T.C.' Carson throws him into it at the end of a fight. (Mythologically inaccurate; Perseus' death is never stated in myth.)

Web Series Deaths[]

  • Shameless Hall of Shame: Ian & Mickey: Daddy Issues (2020) [Ned Lishman]: Although he doesn't appear in the episode, it is revealed that he died of unknown causes, when Cameron Monaghan finds out about his death.

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