Hannah Rose May's first death in The Recall


Hannah Rose May's second death in The Recall

Hannah Rose May (1995 - )

aka Hannah Rose

Film Deaths Edit

  • The Recall (2017) [Kara]: Bleeds to death after she is accidentally shot in the stomach by Niko Pepaj. When Jedidiah Goodacre is later abducted by aliens, he discovers Hannah's body in a bath-like device, where the aliens have bisected her at a point slightly above the bullet wound and replaced her lower half with wires, hoses and circuitry. After the aliens finish replacing her lower half (off-camera), they resurrect her and send her back down to Earth to use as a "sleeper" agent. Shortly afterward, she is shot in the back and killed by a suspicious soldier when she attempts to run away from him. Her body is then shown with a large exit wound in her chest. At the end of the film, the exit wound is shown closing itself and then Hannah returns to life. (Nudity alert: topless while in the alien "bath")
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