Hank Patterson in 'The Twilight Zone: Come Wander With Me'

Hank Patterson (1888 - 1975)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Relentless (1948) [Bob Pliny]: Shot out of picture with his partner Paul E. Burns after they enter their cabin and we see through the window as Frank Fenton and Barton MacLane open fire to steal the map to their gold claim. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Spider, (Earth vs. the Spider) (1958) [Hugo the Janitor]: After allowing a group of high school students into the auditorium where the presumed dead giant spider was being kept so they could practice band music. Hank is killed when the noise revives the creature and it bursts into the hallway where Hank was telephoning the Sheriff (Gene Roth) for help. We see the shot as the spider's point of veiw as it decends on the screaming Hank as the scene cuts way just before the kill.

TV Deaths:Edit

  • Have Gun Will Travel: In an Evil Time (1958) [Pappy French]: Shot in the chest in a shoot-out with William Stevens;  he dies in Richard Boone's arms shortly afterwards.
  • Tate: Hometown (1960) [Charlie Sims]: Shot dead in a shoot-out with David McLean.
  • The Twilight Zone: Come Wander With Me (1964) [Old Man]: Killed with a single blow to the back by Gary Crosby, after Hank refuses to hide Gary from Jonathan Bolt's brothers (Note: it's possible that Gary only knocked Hank unconscious, but I'll go ahead and list it anyway).
  • Return to Green Acres (1990) [Fred Ziffel]: It was made 15 years after his real-life death, but his and Fran Ryan's graves are shown. (I haven't seen the film myself, only a small clip of it).

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