Hal Holbrook in They Only Kill Their Masters

Hal Holbrook (1925 - )

Deaths in Film[edit | edit source]

  • Wild in the Streets (1968) [Senator Johnny Fergus]: Commits suicide by hanging himself; his body is shown afterwards when Millie Perkins discovers him. (Thanks to Mac)
  • Magnum Force (1973) [Lieutenant Neil Briggs]: Killed in an explosion/burned to death when he drives off in Clint Eastwood's car, after Clint had activated the mail bomb that had been meant for him.
  • Natural Enemies (1979) [Paul Steward]: Guns down his wife and kids, then commits suicide (all off-screen). 
  • The Fog (1980) [Father Robert Malone]: Decapitated (off-screen) with a sword by Blake (Rob Bottin), leader of the leper pirates' ghosts. (Thanks to Bryan)

Deaths in Television[edit | edit source]

  • Sandburg's Lincoln (1974-76) [Abraham Lincoln]: Assassinated off-screen. We only see the on-screen text at the end informing of his death. He also has a dream earlier in the series, showing his own funeral.
  • North and South, Book II: Episode 6 (1986) [Abraham Lincoln]: Assassinated (off-screen), we learn of his assassination when a soldier tells James Read when he is visiting Patrick Swayze at a Union hospital.
  • Designing Women: The Big Circle (1991) [Reese Watson]: Hal doesn't appear in this episode, but it's revealed that his character died of unspecified causes (Hal was last seen in the 1989 episode Nightmare from Hee Haw).

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