H.B. Warner (as both a body and a ghost) in Topper Returns

H.B. Warner (1875 - 1958)

Film DeathsEdit

  • King of Kings (1927) [Jesus Christ]: Executed by crucifixion. He returns to life three days afterwards. (I have not seen this movie myself, but the IMDB plot summary indicates that it depicts both the Crucifixion and the resurrection).
  • You Can't Take It With You (1938) [Ramsay]: Dies of a heart attack after telling off Edward Arnold in his office.
  • Topper Returns (1941) [Mr. Carrington]: Killed in a car crash while fleeing from the police; his body is shown lying in the wreckage afterwards as his spirit rises from it. His ghost has one final scene talking with Joan Blondell's ghost.
  • The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) [John Hathorne]: He appears as the ghost of John Hathorne, having died sometime in the past.
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