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[[Category:Historically inaccurate death scenes]]
[[Category:Historically inaccurate death scenes]]
[[Category:Death scenes by blood loss]]
[[Category:Death scenes by blood loss]]
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Gregory Smith in American Outlaws

Gregory Smith (1983 - )

Deaths in Film

  • American Outlaws (2001) [Jim Younger]: Shot in the back during a big shoot-out; he dies shortly afterwards while talking with the rest of his gang. (Historically inaccurate, because the real Jim Younger committed suicide in prison on October 19th, 1902). (Thanks to Curtis)
  • Hobo with a Shotgun (2011) [Slick]: Bleeds to death after being shot in the crotch by Rutger Hauer; he dies while talking to Brian Downey on the phone (we later see his soul being taken off to hell in a burning school bus). (Thanks to Tommy)

Notable Connections

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