Greg Collins (1952 - )

former Football player


Greg Collins in True Blood: Timebomb

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Rock (1996) [Private Gamble]: Crushed by an overhead air conditioning container after Sean Connery shoots at the container's safety retrains, causing it to collapse upon Collins and after previously shooting and injuring Collins in the foot (his body is later seen as Nicolas Cage notices his foot twitching).
  • Independence Day (1996) [Military Aide]: Presumably killed when the alien ship destroys Washington D.C. (his death is not shown, but he is not among those who evacuated and is never spotted again after).
  • Armageddon (1998) [Lt. Hasley]: Killed when the shuttle crashlands on the asteroid surface. (I couldn't specifically spot his death, nor his body, but it appears that Michael Clarke Duncan was the only survivor in that part of the shuttle.)
  • Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault (Video, 1999) [Skip Lang]: Slowly bleeds to death after a bloody shootout with armed soldiers in a cave.
  • Detonator (Video, 2003) [Security Guard]: Shot to death by Denis Forest.

TV DeathEdit

Gallery Edit

Cinemorgue- Greg Collins in Operation Delta Force 4 Deep Fault

Greg Collins dying in Operation Delta Force 4

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