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Graham Wardle in 'Killer Bash'


Graham Wardle's death in 'Killer Bash'


Graham Wardle (1986 - )

Film Deaths[]


TV Deaths[]

  • Killer Bash (2005; TV movie) [Robert Yorke Hyde]: Burned to death when the five bullies put him in the furnace, believing him to be already dead from falling over a railing, in the 1975 prologue/flashback sequences. His spirit possesses Raquel Riskin throughout the movie, and is finally laid to rest when Cory Monteith throws Graham's ring into the furnace.
  • Supernatural: Clip Show (2013) [Tommy Collins]: Head explodes after having fallen under a spell.
  • Heartland: Keep Me In Your Heart (2021) [Ty Borden]: Dies of a blood clot.