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Goran Visnjic (with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) in Practical Magic

Goran Visnjic (1972 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Welcome to Sarajevo (1997) [Risto Bavic]: Shot repeatedly in the back and neck by a sniper while he’s in his apartment/home. His body is later seen when Kerry Fox and Stephen Dillane enter his apartment and discover him, then again when Kerry kneels by his side as Stephen looks on.
  • Practical Magic (1998) [Jimmy Angelov]: Accidentally poisoned after Sandra Bullock puts belladonna in his tequila. He comes back to life after Sandra and Nicole Kidman use their powers to resurrect him, but dies once again when Sandra kills him by bludgeoning him with a skillet/frying pan after Goran attempts to murder Nicole by strangling her. He comes back to life again as a possessive spirit, but dies for good when Sandra, Nicole and the rest of the coven exorcise him and is exiled permanently with the aid of the townspeople pouring a potion on his grave.
  • Elektra (2005) [Mark Miller]: Shot to death with an arrow gun (off-screen), along with his daughter (Kirsten Prout), by a member of the Hand when Jennifer Garner fails to protect them; this turns out to be a vision of one of the possible futures Jennifer is having, which Jennifer then prevents. In another of Jennifer's visions, he is mauled to death by Chris Ackerman's spirit wolf, though Kirsten prevents this from happening. He survives the film in reality.

TV Deaths[]

  • Spartacus (2004) [Spartacus]: Stabbed to death by Roman soldiers during the final battle.