Godfrey Cambridge in 'Beware! The Blob'

Godfrey Cambridge (1933 - 1976)

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Beware! The Blob (Son of the Blob) (1972) [Chester Hargis]: Devoured by the Blob in his living room. (pole hole error: for some strange reason it takes a while for it to devour him, as he sits on it during the night, and is found being devoured by it by Gwynne Gilford the next morning, before it eats him whole (off-screen), which is contrary as it ate all the other victms so quickly!) (Thanks to Michael)
  • Friday Foster (1975) [Ford Malotte]: Crushed to death in a phone booth when Carl Weathers backdrives a car into it. (Thanks to Michael)

TV Deaths:Edit

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