Glynis Barber in Blake's 7: Blake

Glynis Barber (1955 - )

aka Glynis Van Der Reit

Film Deaths Edit

  • Terror (1979) [Carol Tucker]: Stabbed in the chest by an evil spirit, pinning her to a tree. (I haven't seen this movie myself) (Thanks to Crimson Ghost)
  • Edge of Sanity (1989) [Elisabeth Jekyll]: Slashed to death (off-screen) by Anthony Perkins in their home; the scene ends with Glynis screaming as Anthony approaches her.

TV Deaths Edit

  • Blake's 7: Blake (1981) [Soolin]: Shot with a ray gun during a battle with Federation troopers. (I haven't seen this episode myself, but I got the information from an episode guide.) (Thanks to NK)

Notable Connections Edit

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