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Glenn Jacobs in See No Evil

Glenn Jacobs (1967 - )

a.k.a. Kane (and several other wrestling names) Professional wrestler and Current Mayor of Knox County, Tennesse

Film Deaths[]

  • See No Evil (2006) [Jacob Goodnight]: Knocked through a window by Luke Pegler and Christina Vidal, after being hit with an axe by Luke and stabbed in the eye by Christina, on top of being stabbed through the heart with a piece of glass. (He is later revived in the 2014 sequel See No Evil 2.)
  • MacGruber (2010) [Tanker Lutz]: Killed in an explosion, along with the rest of Will Forte's team, when Will's explosives go off in the van where the team is waiting. (Played for comic effect.) (Thanks to ND and Tommy)

Television Deaths[]