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Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction (8 8) Movie CLIP - Bathroom Brawl (1987) HD

Fatal Attraction (8 8) Movie CLIP - Bathroom Brawl (1987) HD

Glenn Close (1947 - )

Film DeathsEdit

  • Maxie (1985) [Jan/Maxie]: Playing a dual role as the 1920s starlet "Maxie" and her 1980s look-alike "Jan", "Maxie" dies in a car crash, but reappears as a ghost and occasionally takes over "Jan"'s body.
  • Fatal Attraction (1987) [Alex Forrest]: Shot in the chest by Anne Archer when Glenn suddenly emerges from the bathtub after apparently being drowned by Michael Douglas. (Note: The US DVD and Blu-ray includes an alternate ending in which Glenn commits suicide by slitting her own throat, in order to frame Michael for her "murder".)
  • Hook (1991) [Gutless]: Playing a male role (complete with a beard), "he" is stung to death by scorpions after Dustin Hoffman has "him" thrown into the "Boo Box".

TV DeathsEdit


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