Glória Pires Insensato Coração

Glória Pires in Irrational Heart

Glória Pires (1963 - )

TV DeathsEdit

  • Mulheres de Areia ("Sand Woman") (1993) [Raquel Araújo de Assunção]: Dies when his car falls off the cliff in pursuit with Henri Pagnocelli.
  • Anjo Mau ("Bad Angel") (1997) [Eunice Noronha]: Between life and death in the hospital after childbirth (she survives)
  • Insensato Coração ("Irrational Heart") (2011) [Norma Amaral Pimental]: Shot twice in her chest by Natalia do Valle.
  • Babilônia ("Babylon") (2015) [Beatriz Rangel]: Dies when his car falls on the cliff along with Adriana Esteves .
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