Giuseppe Castellano in 'Caliber 9'

Giuseppe Castellano (19?? - 2010)

a.k.a. Thomas Kerr

Film Deaths:Edit

  • Adios, Sabata (Indio Black, sai che te dico: Sei un gran figlio di...) (1970) [Graduato] Shot in the back by Gérard Herter.  
  • Caliber 9 (Milano calibro 9) (1972) [Nicola]: Shot twice in the chest by Salvatore Arico in a restroom stall, after Giuseppe picks up a satchel full of money which Salvatore then steals. His body is shown again afterwards when Gastone Moschin and Alessandro Tedeschi discover him.
  • The Italian Connection (La Mala ordinaBlack Kingpin(1972) [Garagaz]: Shot in the chest by Mario Adorf 
  • Emergency Squad (Squadra volante) (1974) [Pepe] Shot by Tomas Milian.  

TV Deaths:Edit

None known

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