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Giovanni Ribisi in Saving Private Ryan

Giovanni Ribisi (1974 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • The Postman (1997) [Bandit 20]: Stabbed to death by Kevin Costner. (Thanks to J. and Robert)
  • Phoenix (1998) [Joey Schneider]: Killed off-screen by Tom Noonan men. (Thanks to Gary)
  • Saving Private Ryan (1998) [Medic Irwin Wade]: Shot in the liver during a battle with German soldiers; he dies shortly after the firefight as the rest of the men in his unit try to save him.
  • It's the Rage (All the Rage) (1999) [Sidney]: Shot to death (off-camera) by Bokeem Woodbine and another police officer outside a video store; the scene ends with the police ordering him to put his hands up, followed by a screen of text informing us of the incident's outcome.
  • The Gift (2000) [Buddy Cole]: Commits suicide (off-screen) in the hospital; his ghost appears to save Cate Blanchett from Greg Kinnear, but we don't learn until afterwards that Giovanni was already dead when he rescued her.
  • Heaven (2002) [Filippo]: The final scene shows Giovanni and Cate Blanchett ascending straight up in a helicopter until they disappear from sight; if interpreted literally, they would both presumably die in the inevitable crash shortly after the movie ends (although the scene appears more symbolic). (Thanks to Diahann)
  • Basic (2003) [Kendall]: Poisoned by Tim Daly; he dies in his hospital room shortly afterwards. (Thanks to Tal)
  • Masked and Anonymous (2003) [Soldier]: Machine-gunned by soldiers in the street after he gets off the bus; shown through the bus window as Bob Dylan looks out.
  • 10th & Wolf (2006) [Joey]: Commits suicide by blowing himself up with a grenade after being stabbed by Francesco Salvi
  • Perfect Stranger (2007) [Miles Haley]: Stabbed in the stomach and chest by Halle Berry after he reveals her guilt, his body is later seen when she drags him into the kitchen then makes it look like she killed him in self-defence after he attacked her.
  • Gangster Squad (2013) [Conway Keeler]: Strangled with a garrote wire by Holt McCallany; his body is later seen when Josh Brolin discovers him.

TV Deaths[]

Notable Connections[]

  • Son of Albert Ribisi (musician).