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Gilbert Roland in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour:Death and the Joyful Woman (1). Gilbert Roland dead (with Tom Lowell) in The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Death and the Joyful Woman (2).

Gilbert Roland (1905 - 1994)

Film Deaths:[]

  • Captain Kidd (1945) [Jose Lorenzo]: Killed at the end of a swordfight with Randolph Scott. (I can't exactly remember how).
  • Bullfighter and the Lady (1951) [Manolo Estrada]: Fatally gored by a bull after distracting it to save Robert Stack's life. He succumbs to his wounds in the doctor's care afterwards.
  • Beneath the 12-Mile Reef (1953) [Mike Petrakis]: Falls off the reef and sustained the bends as a result of rising to the water surface too quickly. He succumbs to the wound after being taken to the doctor.
  • The Treasure of Pancho Villa (1955) [Colonel Juan Castro]: Shot to death by a Mexican soldier as Gilbert and Rory Calhoun try to take cover. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Last of the Fast Guns (1958) [Miles Lang]: Falls off a cliff when Jock Mahoney throws a Bola around Gilbert's legs, making him lose his balance.
  • The Wild and the Innocent (1959) [Sheriff Paul Bartel]: Shot to death by Audie Murphy after Gilbert fires at Audie from the hotel balcony. (Thanks to Brian)
  • The Ruthless Four (Ognuno per se) (1968) [Mason]: Killed in a shootout with the outlaws, Van Heflin gets wounded but survives.

TV Deaths:[]

  • The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Death and the Joyful Woman (1963) [Luis Aguilar]: Bludgeoned to death with a bottle by Laraine Day in his wine cellar. We only see Laraine bringing the bottle down. His body is shown afterwards when Tom Lowell checks his pulse.
  • The Fugitive: Somebody to Remember (1964) [Gus Priamos]: Dies of an unspecified terminal illness in the back of a car while talking to Madlyn Rhue.
  • Combat!: The Convict (1965) [Boulanger]: Mortally wounded when a German soldier lobs a 'potato masher' hand grenade at the halftrack vehicle that Gilbert had taken over the turret machinegun to turn back on the Germans. He dies moments after the firefight talking to his son (Clive Clerk).
  • The Sacketts (TV; 1979) [Don Louis]: Dies of old age/natural causes with Jeff Osterhage by his bedside.

Notable Connections[]

  • Brother of Francisco Day (assisstant director).
  • Father of Gyl Roland.