Gil Bellows in House at the End of the Street

Gil Bellows (1967 - )

Film Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • Judas Kiss (1998) [Lizard Browning]: Shot in the chest by Bobby Hosea while taking a shower.
  • Unthinkable (2010) [Agent Vincent]: Possibly killed along with everyone else seen throughout the film once the bomb planted by Michael Sheen goes off at the very end.

TV Deaths:[edit | edit source]

  • She Creature (Mermaid Chronicles Part I: She Creature) (2001 TV movie) [Miles]: Dies, though I don't know the circumstances.
  • True Justice: Payback (2011) [Nikoli]: Poisoned by an assassin disguised as a guard; he dies shortly afterwards as Steven Seagal tries to save him.

Notable Connections:[edit | edit source]

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