Ghost in the Machine (1993) Trailer

Ghost in the Machine (1993) Trailer

Ghost in the Machine (1993)

Director: Rachel Talalay


IT Specialist Karl Hochman (Ted Marcoux) is secretly a serial murderer dubbed by the media as "The Address Book Killer" due to his habit of stealing address books of potential victims which he uses to choose who next to slay from them. Having just selected customer and single mother Terry Munroe (Karen Allen) as a new target, his homicidal spree seemingly comes to an end one stormy night, when he is involved in a seemingly fatal car crash, only to be electrocuted by a power surge from a lightning strike on the hospital he's in while being loaded into an MRI machine. But Karl is not going to let a thing like death stop his slaying spree and with his soul infused with electrical energy he can now carry on harming those in Terry's life by traveling through various objects connected to the electrical grid


  • Also known as Deadly Terror

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