Georgia Craig (1979 - )
Georgia Craig - A Job to Kill For

Georgia Craig's death in A Job To Kill For

TV DeathsEdit

  • A Job to Kill For (2006; TV film) [Stacy Sherman]: Shot in the chest (on top of having shot in the shoulder first) by Sean Young in Sean's home, after Sean gloats over having manipulated Georgia into killing her enemies.
  • Masters of Horror: The Damned Thing (2006) [Jodi Reddle]: Shotgunned in her left breast, then in her stomach (with huge blood splatter) by Brent Stait as their son (Alex Ferris) looks on horror and rus away.
  • Supernatural: Nightshifter (2007) [Sherri/Shifter]: When she realizes that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are hunting her, Shifter shapeshifts to look like Sherri. She then fakes a throat slit on herself and plays dead in an attempt to trick Jared and Jensen into believing that Sherri is her, hoping to lead them to kill Sherri instead. When Jared figures out her ruse at the last moment, Shifter suddenly stands and attacks Jensen while Jared takes Sherri to safety. Jensen is eventually able to overpower Shifter and kills her by stabbing her in the heart with a silver letter opener. Sherri survives the episode.


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