George Wendt (1948 - )

George Wendt (middle) in Dreamscape

Film Deaths [edit | edit source]

  • Forever Young (1992) [Harry Finley] Dies in a fire, years after cryogenically freezing Mel Gibson's character, and years before Mel Gibson's character awakens from being cryogenically frozen.
  • Anarchy TV (1997) [Abbey Archer]: Killed (off-screen) by members of a vast right-wing conspiracy, using an unspecified method resembling natural causes, shortly before the movie begins. George only appears in a televised interview filmed before his death and Matt Winston later discovers proof of George's murder.
  • King of the Ants (2003) [Duke Wayne]: Killed by Chris McKenna, who bites George's neck in order to escape from him.
  • VFW (2020) [Thomas Zabriski]: Hit in the throat with a machete by Dora Madison. His body is later seen again when Stephen Lang removes his dog tags.

TV Deaths [edit | edit source]

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