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George Stover in Nightbeast

George Stover (1946 - )

Film Deaths[]

  • Desperate Living (1977) [Bosley Gravel]: Suffocated when Jean Hill sits on his face, after Mink Stole hits him on the head with a bottle of perfume.
  • Nightbeast (1982) [Wilton] Mauled by John Dods.
  • Blood Massacre (1988) [Charley Rizzo]: Repeatedly stabbed in the chest and stomach with carving knives by Robin London and Richard Ruxton.
  • President's Day (2010) [Leonard Wright]: Hit in the head with an axe by Bennie Mack McCoy IV, on top of previously being beaten with a crowbar by Bennie and having his face burned against hot metal by Lizzy Denning.