George Skaff (1929 - 1995)


George Skaff (right) in 'The Manhandlers’.

Film Deaths Edit

  • Man Beast (1956) [Varga]: Falls to his death while climbing up a rope in an attempt to catch Virginia Maynor and Tom Maruzzi.
  • Frogs (1972) [Stuart Martindale]: Eaten by an alligator in the swamp. (Thanks to Michael)
  • The Manhandlers (Soft Touch) (1975) [Leo]: Shot in the back by Henry Brandon at the end of a chase through a construction site.
  • Someone's Watching Me! (1978) [Herbert Stiles]: Stabbed in the back with a piece of glass by Lauren Hutton while George tried to throw her down from her balcony, then he falls from there. We only see Lauren looking George falling. (Thanks to Dake).​​​​​​

TV DeathsEdit

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