George Segal in The Terminal Man

George Segal (1934 - )

Film Deaths

  • Lost Command (1966) [Lt. Mahidi]: Machine-gunned by Maurice Ronet.
  • The Terminal Man (1974) [Harry Benson]: Shot in the chest by a police sniper from a helicopter, after he raises his gun while hiding in an empty grave.
  • The Endless Game (1990) [Mr. Miller]: Smothered to death with a pillow by Albert Finney.
  • 2012 (2009) [Tony Delgatto]: Drowned, along with everybody else on the Genesis, when a tidal wave capsizes the ship. We last see George losing his grip on a bolted-down kitchen table and sliding into the wall with the rest of the kitchen staff. (Though there is an alternate ending where the Genesis impausibly survives the tidal wave and his character only suffered a broken arm)

TV Deaths

Noteworthy Connections

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