George Coulouris (1903 - 1989)


George Coulouris in Tower of Evil

Film Deaths: Edit

  • Citizen Kane (1941) [Walter Parks Thatcher]: Persumably dies (of old age/natural causes) during the passage of time from Orson Welles' early adulthood to his old age.
  • Assignment in Brittany (1943) [Captain Hans Holz]: Shot to death by Richard Whorf in the woods, after he finds George with Signe Hasso.
  • Watch on the Rhine (1943) [Teck de Brancovis]: Shot to death by Paul Lukas.
  • The Master Race (1944) [Colonel Fredrich von Beck a.k.a. Ferdinand Varin]: Executed by firing squad.
  • California (1947) [Captain Pharaoh Coffin]: Shot to death by Barbara Stanwyck just as George is about to shoot Ray Milland.
  • Sleep, My Love (1948) [Charles Vernay]: Falls to his death while trying to escape through a skylight.
  • Kill or be Killed (1950) [Victor Sloma]: Fatally gawed by piranhasafter falling into the river; he dies shortly after being brought back ashore and confessing to his crimes.
  • The Man Without a Body (1957) [Karl Brussard]: Already dying from an inoperable brain tumor George falls to his death down a stairwell when vertigo sets in as he was being chased by police for the murder of Nadja Regin.
  • Seven Thunders (The Beasts Of Marseilles) (1957) [Paul Bourdin]: Murdered offscreen by James Robertson Justice who gives him a sedative laced cognac prior to stealing his money, shooting,and burying him in quicklime in his cellar. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Womaneater (The Woman Eater) (1960) [Doctor Moran]: Killed when Jimmy Vaughan throws a knife into his back after he has set fire to the revered carnivorous tree. (Thanks to Brian)
  • Blood from the Mummy's Tomb (1971) [Bergian]: Throat torn out by a cobra, which was caused by the curse.
  • Tower of Evil (Beyond the Fog; Horror of Snape Island) (1972) [John Gurney]: Stabbed in the chest by the hysterical Candace Glendenning, who had mistaken him for the killer.
  • The Final Programme (The Last Days of Man on Earth) (1973) [Dr. Powvs]: Killed along with the other scientists by the backlash/overload from their experiment, his body is shown lying on the laboratory floor afterwards.

Television Deaths: Edit

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