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Ex-husband of [[Talia Balsam]]
Ex-husband of [[Talia Balsam]]
Husband of Amal Alamuddin
{{DEFAULTSORT:Clooney, George}}
{{DEFAULTSORT:Clooney, George}}

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George Clooney in 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.'

George Clooney (1961 - )

Film Deaths

  • Return to Horror High (1987) [Oliver]: Stabbed to death when he's pulled into a closet.
  • Predator: The Concert (1987) [Camper]: Mauled to death by the bear while in a sleeping bag with Laura Dern (The film was never officially released, but bootlegs exist).
  • Red Surf (1990) [Remar]: Killed when he crashes his jet-ski watercraft into some containers while fleeing armed drug dealers.(Thanks to Nemanja)
  • The Perfect Storm (2000) [Captain Billy Tyne]: Drowned when he goes down with his ship during the storm. (Thanks to Nick)
  • Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002) [Jim Byrd]: Fatally wounded (off-screen) by a hitman sent by Julia Roberts; he bleeds to death some time later while talking to Sam Rockwell by Sam's swimming pool.
  • Syriana (2005) [Bob Barnes]: Killed in an explosion when a missile strikes Alexander Siddig's car while George is standing next to it. (Thanks to Yannis)
  • The American (2010) [Jack a.k.a. Edward]: Shot in the stomach by Johan Leysen; he dies shortly afterwards after driving to meet Violante Placido. (Thanks to Tommy, Christina)
  • Gravity (2013) [Matt Kowalski]: Dies (presuamably of suffocation when he runs out of oxygen) in the cold distance of space after he sacrifices himself (by detaching the tether he and Sandra Bullock are linked to) so that Sandra Bullock can survive; we last see George when he floats off into the distance, and later appears posthumously in Sandra's hallucination.

Deaths in TV

  • The Facts of Life: Seven Little Indians (1987) [George Burnett]: Killed by Lisa Whelchel in a dream-sequence episode parodying The Twilight Zone. (Thanks to PortsGuy)

Noteworthy Connections

Son of Nick Clooney

Nephew of Rosemary Clooney

Cousin of Miguel Ferrer

Ex-husband of Talia Balsam

Husband of Amal Alamuddin

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