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George Cheung (down) in The Exterminator

George Cheung (1949 - )

aka George Kee Cheung

Film DeathsEdit

  • The Hard Way (1991) [Drug Dealer]: Shot to death by Stephen Lang inside a night club (he then falls over a balcony onto a table below).
  • Death Ring (1992; Video) [Mr. Chen]: Decapitated in a fight with Mike Norris.
  • Deadly Target (1994; Video) [Man #2]: Killed while sitting down with Joe Kuroda after various gang members decide to kill them for their connection to their crime scene, and after they see Gary Daniels intruding into their hideout.
  • True Vengeance (Video, 1997) [Hidako Minushoto]: Possibly killed (I have to resee this film.)
  • High Voltage (Video, 1997) [Victor Phan]: Impaled in the head during a fight with Antonio Sabato, Jr.
  • Ultimate Target (Ides of March) (2000) [Raymond]: Shot to death by Michael Madsen.
  • US Seals 2 (Video; 2001) [Sensei Matsumura]: Commits Hara-kiri (off-screen); his body is found later by the protagonists in his room.

TV DeathsEdit

Video Game deaths Edit


Cinemorgue- George Cheung prior to dying in Godzilla (1998)

George Cheung just before his death in Godzilla (1998)

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