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[[Category:Actors who died in Joachim Rønning Movies]]
[[Category:Actors who died in Joachim Rønning Movies]]
[[Category:Washington DC Area Film Nominees]]
[[Category:Washington DC Area Film Nominees]]
[[Category:Actors who died in Bille August Movies]]

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Geoffrey Rush in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Geoffrey Rush (1951 - )

Film Deaths

  • Les Miserables (1998) [Javert]: Commits suicide by drowning himself in the river; we see him jumping in after handcuffing himself.
  • House on Haunted Hill (1999) [Stephen H. Price]: Rapidly decomposes and shatters after a supernatural force comprised of all the patients' souls consumes him (he later appears as a ghost along with Famke Janssen being tortured by the spirit patients).
  • Mystery Men (1999) [Casanova Frankenstein]: Falls into his own Psycho-frakulator machine after being thrown over a balcony by Ben Stiller following a fight, where his body is distorted beyond recognition and then finally disintegrated.
  • Candy (2006) [Caspar]: Dies of a heroin overdose after saying goodbye to Heath Ledger; his body is later seen when Heath returns to find he has died and sits beside him

TV Deaths

  • The Life and Death of Peter Sellers (2004 TV) [Peter Sellers]: Dies (off-screen) of a heart attack, several years after the final scene; his death is mentioned in the on-screen text at the end of the movie. (There is also a dream sequence where Rush as Sellers and several of his characters are killed in a nuclear explosion). (Thanks to Tommy)


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